Important Coastal Zone Management Conference Comes to Galway

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23rd October 2006



For Immediate Release


As part of the COREPOINT project an important workshop organised by CoastNet, focusing on the implications of the recent EU Green Paper on the Marine for coastal zone management, will be hosted by the Marine Institute in its headquarters at Oranmore, Co. Galway, on the 8th November.  The keynote presentation will be given by Mr. Fernandez Diez Picazo, a representative from the European Commission Task Force and Marine Policy unit.  

The COREPOINT (Coastal Research & Policy Integration)  project is funded by the EU Interreg 3B Programme and has 12 partners, including CoastNet, the international coastal and marine networking organisation, and  is co-ordinated by the Coastal and Marine Resources Centre, University College Cork.  

“COREPOINT aims are to build both European and local capacity in implementing coastal management plans, to promote social and political responsibility for the coastal environment, and to provide concrete solutions for current management problems,” said Val Cummins, Manager of the CMRC. “We hope that this workshop and the future development of a European Maritime Policy will be an important stepping stone towards the sustainable development of Ireland’s coastal resources.”  

Speaking for the Marine Institute, Dr. Peter Heffernan welcomed the challenge of meeting the economic needs of coastal communities within a policy framework that also reflects the principles of sustainable development. “The main questions facing the workshop,” he said,” are, for example, how we can develop a coastal area for tourism while enhancing the environment, how the attractiveness of our beaches and harbours can be increased while developing maritime industries and to what extent environmental risk is a threat to competitiveness?”  

These questions, and many others related to coastal zone management, will be explored at the conference, with outputs submitted to the EU as part of the response to the consultation on the Green Paper.    

Full details of the project are available on the COREPOINT website at Further information on coastal issues can be found on


For further information please contact:  

Alex Midlen – CoastNet –+44 (0)  1206 728644

Val Cummins or Jeremy Gault – CMRC – +353 21 4703100

John Joyce – Marine Institute Press Office – 087 2250871  



CoastNet is an international networking organisation that works with all coastal and marine interests to promote the exchange of ideas, information and expertise to find long term solutions to coastal issues that benefit all. CoastNet is a Partner in the COREPOINT project.

CoastNet works by:

1) Information and networking -          

  • By promoting the exchange of ideas, information and expertise through a virtual and physical networking space that embraces all coastal perspectives from all walks of life.
  • A successful conference and workshop programme both in the UK and Europe.
  • A quarterly membership magazine, The edge, containing articles, news and practice on current coastal issues.
  • A website containing news, links and publications on current coastal issues as well as listing upcoming coastal events and conferences.

2) Ideas and innovation

  • Collating and publishing best practice solutions for sustainable coastal management.

 3) Engagement and awareness

  • Running, in partnership, public events aimed at raising awareness about coastal issues.
  • Setting up, and now providing, the Secretariat function for the All Party Parliamentary Group on coastal and marine issues to encourage government debate and action to further sustainable coastal management.

* CoastNet is part-funded through the EU under the Corepoint project until 2008

CoastNet: The Gatehouse, Rowhedge Wharf, High Street, Rowhedge, Essex CO5 7ET Tel/Fax: 01206 728644



CoastNet is a registered charity no 1055763 and a company limited by guarantee, company no 3204452.

COREPOINT - Coastal Research Policy Integration

There are 12 Partners in the COREPOINT, funded under the EU Interreg Programme. The lead partner is Coastal and Marine Research Centre (CMRC) based in University College Cork. 

Corepoint’s objective is to provide practical advice to policy makers and managers by focussing research on the issues and policies that influence coastal management at local, national and regional level. By utilising the trans-national experience and expertise of the Corepoint Consortium the Project aims to achieve this goal by:  

Building European and local capacity to implement integrated coastal management programmes Providing concrete solutions for current problems in the Northwest region using current best practice approaches and identify models for sustaining ICZM initiatives Promoting social and political responsibility for coastal environment Influencing national spatial policy development in response to the EU recommendation on ICZM Developing an integrated coastal information management system for Northwest Europe.

Corepoint is funded by Interreg 3B and will run until June 2008.

For further details of its aims, objectives and the 12 partners involved please contact Valerie Cummins or Jeremy Gault at the CMRC or visit the Corepoint website:

Project Co-ordinator: Val Cummins - +353 21 4703101

Project Manager: Jeremy Gault - +353 21 4703108  

The Marine Institute  

The Marine Institute was created under the Marine Institute Act in 1991 to “undertake, to co-ordinate, to promote and to assist” in the development of marine research and development in Ireland. It has grown into an internationally respected science body with over 200 staff, two purpose-built vessels, a research facility near Newport, Co. Mayo and a brand new headquarters and laboratory at Oranmore on the shores of Galway Bay.  

It has also acted as a focus and champion for the Irish marine research community, raising the profile of Ireland’s marine resources and attracting infrastructure and research funding to marine research.  

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