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SmartBay is a test and demonstration project located in Galway Bay aimed at bringing the latest in new and emerging technologies to the challenge of accurately monitoring the Marine Environment on a round-the-clock basis. The Marine Institute has deployed a number of marine monitoring platforms in Galway Bay which provide real-time information on weather and sea conditions for the Galway Bay area.


Image of web portal

SmartBay Web Portal

The Marine Institute and IBM have completed the 1st phase of a web portal development project.  The web portal provides up to date data feeds, webcam images and the latest information on the weather and sea conditions in the Bay. The web portal is one of a range of research projects supported under SmartBay. Click here to logon to the SmartBay Portal.

The web portal is still under development and we would love to hear any feedback users may have on its usefulness and potential application. Please submit any feedback to this email address:


SmartBay buoy

Realtime Observations

The Marine Institute is currently implementing the SmartBay Pilot Project. The network is being developed as the first phase of a unique environmental test and demonstration platform and included the deployment of 2 integrated marine scientific platforms at mid bay and outer bay locations.  Real- time weather and wave data are available from the SmartBay Integrated Marine Observations Page.  Further detail on the SmartBay pilot project is available.  


Wave image

Wave Data

Realtime wave data are available in Galway Bay.  This includes significant wave height, maximum wave height, average wave period, wave direction and sea surface temperature.  for example the Plot of signicficant wave height over the last 24 hours is available.  It is also possible to download data and view plots of all of these parameters. 

tide gauges in Galway Bay

Tide Data

Galway Bay experiences large tidal ranges.  Spring tides can can exceed 4m.  The Marine Institute provides real-time tidal height readings at 2 locations in the Bay.  You can view the latest 24 hours of tide data at Inishmore, which is the largest of the Aran Islands in the Outer Bay.  You can also view the latest 24 hours of tide data at Galway Harbour.  It is also possible to download the tide data


Link to webcams


There are three webcams in the Galway Bay area which provide images that are updated continually.  These are located at Rinville, Oranmore, Galway Harbour and Harbour Enterprise Park, Galway



Wind and Wave forecasts

Wind and Wave Forecasts

View the Latest Wind and Wave forecast for the Galway Bay Area - Galway bay Wind Wave Forecast


Sea area forecasts

Sea Area Weather Forecasts

There are a number of sources of real-time weather information for Galway Bay.  Met Eireann provide sea area weather forecasts for the Galway Bay area.  The latest satellite images are also available.



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