Surveying 2008


During the current phase of INFOMAR, operations will take place within the following priority bays, harbours and offshore areas:

 Priority Bays / Harbours
 Bantry, Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Dunmanus, Galway, Killary, Sligo, Waterford
 Priority Areas  Offshore SW and SE of Ireland
 Additional Areas
 Offshore North Donegal as part of the Joint Irish Bathymetric Survey (in partnership with MCA and DoE NI)

Our current work programme includes data acquisition and the creation of a variety of mapping products. Data acquisition methods will include airborne marine LIDAR, hydrographic and geophysical vessel survey, and geological and biological seabed sampling. In support of the above, coastal and offshore tide gauges will be deployed in advance of and during operations.

As part of the ongoing planning process, INFOMAR are interested in identifying previous, current, and planned operations or environmental constraints within the above priority survey areas, e.g. environmental and/or physical monitoring / dredging / commercial activities.

In this section:

Joint Irish Bathymetric Survey (JIBS)
Irish Groundfish Survey
Infomar- Introduction to Seabed Surveying at the Marine Institute
NDP Supported Projects- Hydro Acoustics Data
Coring Cruise July 2008
INFOMAR Supported Projects - Greencastle Codling Bank
Cross Service Survey
Geophysical Operations
Mesh - Mapping European Seabed Habitats
Seafloor Survey Ecosystems off the Dingle Coast- June 2007
Seafloor Survey off the Dingle Peninsula - April/May 2007
NDP Supported Projects- Benthic Mapping
Why is Seabed Mapping Important?
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Map of the Irish Seabed