Operational Programmes

Many of the Marine Institute's operational programmes are scientific and often multidisciplinary in nature. Most of these programmes have been put in place in accordance with National and International Legislation. In addition to these statutory services, the Marine Institute believes in developing collaboration between science, technology and industry, and funds and supports many new and developing areas of marine science and technology. 

 It has been estimated that the value of the marine food, leisure and technology sectors contributes over €1.2 billion annually to the economy and supports over 32,000 jobs.  These figures reflect strong national and international demand for marine related products and services.  As this demand continues to grow the Institute aims to deliver key monitoring and other operational services to support existing marine businesses.

The current operational programmes of the Marine Institute span a broad range of surveying and monitoring activities. In supporting the future growth and development of the marine sector in Ireland, the Marine Institute recognises the vital importance of maintaining the quality of the marine environment. 

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