Marine Institute

Sea Temperature

We maintain a network of temperature loggers in bays around the Irish coast.  These ’Tidbit’ temperature loggers record temperature hourly at various depths at each site, providing a comprehensive time series of sea temperatures around Ireland. Temperature is invaluable in understanding the biology, chemistry and oceanography of our coastal waters.

Below is a map which shows the Bays in which the Temperature loggers are located (click on the RED dot to select data for that site or select from drop-down box). The data is presented in 3 formats:

  • A coloured temperature profile, of temperature at depth over time, for the selected location.
  • A line graph of temperature at each recorded depth over the period, for each location.
  • A mean monthly temperature for each depth, for the selected location.

The loggers are located mainly on aquaculture structures within bays and are maintained by the Marine Institute and local staff at the aquaculture sites. View our table of data available for each site.

Near-surface sea temperature is measured from a number of operational platforms that make up the Irish Marine Weather Buoy Network and the Irish National Tide Gauge Network. Sea temperature is also measured by the Ocean Energy directional wave buoys sited off Belmullet and in Galway Bay. The data is recorded hourly and is made available for access in near real-time.

Sea temperature data can be accessed via the Integrated Marine Observations portal. Requests for data can be made through the data request system.