Sea Change - A Marine Knowledge, Research & Innovation Strategy for Ireland 2007-2013 

In February 2007, the government adopted Sea Change: A Marine Knowledge Research and Innovation Strategy for Ireland 2007-2013.  This strategy aims to drive the development of marine resources in Ireland in a manner that contributes to the knowledge economy.  The impacts which are targeted in Sea Change Strategy include:

  • Competiveness and sustainability;
  • Economic stimulation and diversification;
  • Research capacity increases;
  • Regional development & North-South Co-operation;
  • Public service improvements; and
  • Improvements in environmental quality and management.

The world market for marine industries is valued at €869 billion (Douglas Westwood Ltd. 2005).  Significant opportunities exist for traditional marine sub-sectors (fishing, aquaculture, seaweed, shipping, tourism) that have a high export or internationally traded dimension. Sea Change targets sub-sectors which can increase their competiveness by capitalising on research, integrating new technology and developing innovative competitive production systems and service models to target niche, high-value and high growth markets.

There are also significant opportunities to exploit Ireland’s vast marine resources (10 times our land area) by focusing newly established scientific and technological effort on developing niche areas. These include the use of marine biological/chemical resources in health, food and industrial enterprises, development of renewable wave and tidal energy sources and the application of ICT and engineering technology to environmental monitoring and new service based sectors. Sea Change targets research and innovation activity in these areas.

For further information on the aims, objectives and Research programmes in Sea Change please visit the Sea Change section on the Marine Institute Website