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Marine Biotechnology Ireland (MBI) is one of a range of dedicated Marine Institute initiatives working to transform the marine sector into a knowledge-driven sector recognised for its ability to develop a range of high value-added products that result from marine biotechnology research.  The Marine Institute established Marine Biotechnology Ireland as a national programme in 2007 to deliver on the objectives of Sea Change: A Marine Knowledge, Research & Innovation Strategy for Ireland 2007-2013.

The objectives of the Programme are to create and sustain Irish opportunities for research, development and innovation in marine biotechnology and to focus on strategically important research areas. Marine Biotechnology Ireland is also a response to international marine biotechnology  policy initiatives. The goal of MBI is for Ireland to be recognised internationally as a significant marine biotechnology research performer, occupying a lead position within Europe’s bio economy through the commercialisation of marine biotechnology research outputs. Actions of MBI are focused on stimulating the utilisation of marine organisms and materials for the sustainable production of food, drugs, biomaterials, nutraceuticals and industrial processes.

MBI will support new scientific and technological capacity in Ireland by:

  • Establishing a strong collaboration with the growing biopharma sector in Ireland;
  • Building links between marine biotechnology research and the medical device and diagnostic sectors;
  • Stimulating the use of marine origin materials by Ireland’s agri-food sector;
  • Encouraging the use of biological processes to help maintain healthy environments and
  • Promoting the sustainable exploitation of Ireland’s marine resources.

Since 2007, the Marine Institute has invested an excess of €20 million to develop Ireland’s research capacity in marine biotechnology and marine biosciences.  Additional national and international funding scources further enable marine biotechnology research with support for scientific investigation in molecular and nanosciences.

For information on upcoming events and opportunities and for further information on Marine Biotechnology Ireland, please contact Dr. Ilaria Nardello, the MBI coordinator:
Tel.: +353.(0)91.387200

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