National Marine Technology Programme


The National Marine Technology Programme is part of Sea Change, Ireland’s marine research and innovation strategy and this programme seeks to:

Create a critical mass, multi-disciplinary and industry-oriented research grouping in the area of advanced sensing, communications and informatics. Create a focused capability in the application of next generation technology solutions for marine and environmental sectors. Deliver innovative technology solutions to global markets. Continue reading...

SmartOcean Innovation Cluster, ICT for the Sea

A key initiative of the National Marine Technology Programme involves the creation of a multi-disciplinary innovation cluster supporting the convergence of ICT and marine related sectors which stems directly from the SmartOcean Initiative. Currently there are 10 Test and Demonstration Platforms located around Ireland.

SmartBay National Research and Test Facility

SmartBay is a Test and Demonstration Platform for the development of products and services for marine related sectors. SmartBay is facilitating the development of innovative approaches to distributed sensing, communication and data management/visualisation technologies through deployment in a real world environment. The infrastructure can be accessed by industrial and academic research groups for test and demonstration purposes. Research is ongoing at the test facility. Active Projects and Past Project details can be found following the links.


A list of a selection of Irish-based companies focused on the development of technology enabled projects and services with applications in marine and environmental related sectors. If you would like your company to be included on this list please email: Please include "National Marine Tech Programme Web: Industry Contact" in the subject line.


A selection of research centres focused on technology development with current or potential application to the marine and environmental related sectors have been added to our Marine Technology Research Institute Map where links to their official website and further information can be found.


Relevant Marine Events and Conferences are updated to the Marine Institutes website, including those relevant to the Marine Technology Sector.


For more information on the National MarineTechnology Programme and related initiatives please contact:

Dr. Edel O'Connor, National Co Ordinator,

Advanced Marine Technology Programme,

Marine Institute.

LinkedIn: Group:'SmartOcean Ireland - ICT for the Sea'

Twitter: @SmartOceanIrl

Tel: + 353 (0) 1 700 6340

Tel: + 353 (0) 91 387 200

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