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SmartBay Ireland  supports; the collection of marine data for the National and International R & D communities, the trial and demonstration of novel marine sensors and equipment (e.g. up to 1/4 scale Ocean Energy Devices) and the development of collaborative translation projects which aim to develop innovative ICT products and services for the global maritime industry. SmartBay Ireland is funded under Irelands Higher Education Authority (HEA) to facilitate the development of innovative approaches for the collection and dissemination of marine data and the testing and demonstration of novel sensors and equipment.

SmartBay Ireland also manages a fleet of Mobilis Buoys; 2 of which are deployed in Galway Bay and another which is deployed south of Cork Harbour. These buoys provide a range of data to researchers and industry as well as allowing for testing and demonstrating new sensors and equipment.

For more details, visit the SmartBay Ireland website.

SmartBay Ireland Brochure (PDF)  

SmartBay Vision

SmartBay Irelands vision can be defined as follows:

"To be recognised as a maritime centre of excellent infrastructure and service for delivering innovative and value added test and demonstration solutions to support our partners and clients research, product development and commercialisation activities"


Since 2005, the Marine Institute has worked in partnership with key agencies (EPA, EI and IDA) and industry (SME’s and multinationals) to develop a national marine Technology R&D Programme.  The Marine Institute and the EPA funded a cluster of technology research projects under the National Development Plan 2000-2006.  These, together with increasing international interest in establishing coastal and ocean observatories, led to the concept of SmartBay.  In 2007, the Marine Institute undertook an assessment of potential locations for SmartBay along the West coast of Ireland.  This resulted in the selection of Galway Bay. 

Throughout 2007 and 2008, significant effort went into building new national research capacity through the Beaufort Sensors Award and the Clarity CSET. SmartBay Ireland is a not for profit company and is funded by the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions PRTLI Cycle V.

Future implementation

Partnership of the MI, HMRC and SmartBay Ireland Ltd, have received funding under Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) to install a subsea power and data cable in Galway Bay. This will include a standard telecommunications cable from a shore station via Spiddal Pier (west) to the wave energy test site providing power and data connectivity. The 4.5km fibre optic and power cable will provide 400 V DC (3.5kW) to the wave energy devices and subsea sensors.

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