Picture of a Weather Buoy
  One of the Weather Buoys

Oceanographic Services provide comprehensive services within the Marine Institute and externally to industry, third level partners and the public who have an interest in our oceans. One of our main responsibilities is the operation and maintenance of the National Weather Buoy Network, consisting of 5 buoys around the Irish coast.

The team is also involved in the establishment of the Irish tide gauge network, ocean modelling, satellite remote sensing and oceanographic support of diverse sea-going research programmes in marine fisheries and environment. Our team routinely monitors changes in sea temperatures and currents to assess the likely effects of global climate change in Irish waters. We also maintain the national marine equipment pool, where a range of oceanographic equipment are available for hire on a short or long-term basis.

All requests for oceanographic data are managed centrally through Marine Institute Data Services.

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Wave Modelling
Irish National Tide Gauge Network
Tide Predictions
European COastal-shelf sea OPerational observing and forecasting system (ECOOP)
Irish Marine Weather Buoy Network
Model Validation
Wave Forecasts
Ocean Model Simulations
Equipment Pool
Oceanographic Data Management
Ocean Forecast