Celtic Explorer

Celtic Explorer in Bergen
  RV Celtic Explorer

The RV Celtic Explorer  - the national platform for offshore Marine Research

 The RV Celtic Explorer is 65.5m in length and accommodates 35 personnel, including 19-21 scientists. The Celtic Explorer is, in gross terms, six times the size of her sister vessel, the Celtic Voyager.

Ireland's unique strategic position on the edge of the Atlantic means that the Celtic Explorer is able to facilitate both national and international research and exploration. The vessel is based in Galway, which is ideally located as the gateway to the Atlantic and geographically close to the main working areas.

Apart from being an excellently designed vessel, fitted with the latest electronics and scientific equipment, the key attributes of the Celtic Explorer include:

  • Specific noise characteristics that are fully compliant with the noise requirements of the ICES 209 CRR Report (Word, 20KB). Consequently, the vessel is acoustically silent which minimises fish avoidance and provides an ideal environment for the collection of high quality acoustic data with minimal interference from vessel noise.
  • The vessel is a multipurpose vessel, being able to change from a survey programme to a fisheries programme, with relative ease.
  • Large laboratory spaces and IT rooms fitted with scientific equipment.
  • A full complement of survey equipment and winches.
  • Adapted to accommodate a variety of Remotely Operated Vehicles including the Deepwater ROV Holland I


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