The Irish Marine Data Buoy Observation Network


(formerly The Irish National Weather Buoy Network)

The network is managed by the Marine Institute in collaboration with Met Éireann and the UK Met Office. The Irish Weather Buoy Network is designed to improve weather forecasts and safety at sea around Ireland. The buoy network provides vital data for weather forecasts, shipping bulletins, gale and swell warnings as well as data for general public information and research. Buoy data is also helpful for validating our operational models.  

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Buoy Positions
M2 : 53.4800°N 05.4250°W
M3 : 51.2166°N 10.5500°W
M4 : 54.9982°N 09.992154°W
M5 : 51.6900°N 06.7040°W
M6 : 53.07482°N 15.88135°W

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