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  • Please note time is reported in UTC.
  • Inishmore is offline pending the completion of port development works.

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Please note time is reported in UTC.
Datum information and units: All water levels are reported in metres.
All levels are reported relative to Ordinance Datum Malin Head (except the Kish bank Lighthouse which is relative to a local datum as the OD
Malin Head offset has yet to be determined offshore).
Dublin Port Data subject to Confirmation of Survey


Welcome to the Irish National Tide Gauge Network - this is an on-going development involving the Marine Institute and a number of organisations in the public and private sectors to develop a permanent tidal monitoring infrastructure, ultimately consisting off between 35 and 40 stations. The project is currently entering year 5 of an anticipated 10 year program. 

The principle objectives are two fold:

  1. to involve local organisations (e.g. county councils) to assist them with local issues related to water level monitoring.
  2. to bring all operational tide gauges into a centrally managed national infrastructure.

Current activities include:

  • Strategic development of the network to work with new parties enabling the full resolution of the tidal regime around Ireland.
  • Roll out of GSM enabled data logging and telecommunications equipment for the central collection of data.
  • High precision site surveys to enable all data to be reported relative to the national datum (ordnance survey datum Malin Head).
  • Quality control of the stations to determine what outstanding work is required to get the best possible data.

The products from the network are wide-ranging and will be available as work progresses:

  • Real-time data to an Internet site to support recreational users, navigation and commercial activities.
  • Tidal predictions, both in the form of software tools and paper publications.
  • Flood warning.
  • Long term sea level variability.

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This infrastructure has been part funded under the Marine RTDI Measure of the National Development Plan 2000-2006, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Read information on the specification of the INTGN installations.

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