Wave Buoys

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As part of the Ocean Energy Programme, the wave climate is monitored continually at the 1/4 scale Ocean Energy Test Site in Galway Bay and at the full scale Wave Energy Test Site off Belmullet Co. Mayo.  The wave data is available in realtime. View the current wave height, wave direction and maximum wave height for Galway Bay and Belmullet by hovering over the icon in the map below.

The map overlays in the dropdown menu above illustrates the potential for wave energy in Irish waters.  Select each layer and give the map time to refresh to view a synoptic description of potential energy, annual and seasonal average theoretical wave energy, theoretical wave power, practicable energy and average wave height.  The detail behind these layers is explained in the Accessible Wave Energy Resource Atlas: Ireland, 2005 (pdf, 703k).

The current wave readings are in the table below.  Click on the reading in the table to view a graph of the past 24 hours. Historical data is also available.