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Contracts Awarded 2016 (Jan - April)

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‘It is a basic principle of Government procurement that competitive tendering should always be used, unless exceptional circumstances apply, in which case the approval of the Government Contracts Committee must be obtained’. (Public Procurement Guidelines 1994, 1999 Reprint)  

The Marine Institute fully upholds this guideline, and adheres to the principles of public sector buying as laid out by Enterprise Ireland, and described below in detail.  

The Principles of Public Sector Buying

As member of the European Union, the award of public sector contracts in Ireland is regulated by European treaties and by European directives and national rules. This opens the public procurement market to many of the world’s leading economies. Public procurement rules are based on four principles:  

Equal Treatment

No supplier can suffer discrimination because of location or nationality or bias of any description.


Information regarding forthcoming contracts and the rules to be applied should be readily available to all interested candidates. A contract cannot be awarded without publicity or in the absence of award criteria being available to a tenderer.


A buyer cannot place excessive conditions on suppliers – e.g. a buyer cannot insist on a minimum turnover of €10m when awarding a contract for €10,000.  

Mutual Recognition

The standards, specifications and qualifications in use throughout the EU should receive equal recognition on condition that the products or services are suitable for their intended purpose. Suitably qualified service providers cannot be rejected due to non-recognition of their qualifications.