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Education & Outreach Overview

Our education and outreach activities aim to promote awareness of Ireland’s marine resource and maritime opportunities.

Explorers Education Programme
Explorers Education Programme
The Explorers Education Programme provides fun lesson plans, resources and activities for primary school teachers to inspire their student’s interest and knowledge in our ocean, marine environment, species and seashores.
The Explorers Education Programme is supported by the Marine Institute, and is funded under the Marine Research Programme by the Irish Government.
Follow the Fleet
Follow the Fleet
Follow the Fleet provides an online teaching resource for primary school children, which uses a unique satellite tracker system, six easy to follow lessons and downloadable teaching plans. This resource provides students aged between 7 and 12 years old a real insight into the day-to-day life at sea.
Maritime Education. Big Stock Image.
Maritime Education
There are opportunities to learn about the impact that the maritime industry has on day to day life in Ireland and also to pursue a career in the maritime industry through training and employment.
Sea for Society Image.
Sea for Society
Sea for Society (SFS) is a European Project funded by DG Research (amp) Innovation under the Theme Science in Society. The project aims to develop and enrich the concept of Blue Society , preparing at the same time mechanisms for cooperation.