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Education & Outreach Overview

Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth calls for a strengthening of our maritime identity, increased awareness of the value, opportunities and societal benefit of our oceans, as well as raising engagement with the ocean. Through government initiatives such as SeaFest, Ireland’s national maritime festival, and other outreach and educational activities, the Marine Institute works in partnership with government departments, other agencies and local organisations to promote our ocean wealth and increase ocean literacy among our citizens.

Explorers Education Programme
Explorers Education Programme
The Explorers Education Programme aims to inspire school teachers and their student’s in developing their interest, knowledge and engagement in our ocean. The programme provides cross curricular lesson plans, resources and activities that support the national curriculum. The Explorers in schools programme provides outreach experts that visit classes around the coast of Ireland supporting teachers in introducing marine themes into their class. The Explorers programme also provides teachers training and continuing professional development courses approved by the Department of Education through ATECI Education Centres.
The Explorers Education Programme is supported by the Marine Institute, and is funded under the Marine Research Programme by the Irish Government.
Engaging with the Sea.
Engaging with the Sea
Ocean literacy and engagement has been achieved through some exciting projects carried out by marine scientists, artists, community groups and schools. This has been done by building on our maritime heritage, strengthening our maritime identity; increasing our awareness of the value, opportunities and societal benefits; as well as promoting engagement and participation by all.
The Sea Science – The Wild Atlantic exhibition Image.
The Sea Science – The Wild Atlantic exhibition
The Sea Science – The Wild Atlantic exhibition is Ireland’s first marine science gallery. Open to the public and free of charge, it offers an interactive exhibition that focuses on the wonders of our marine world. A collaboration between the Marine Institute, Galway City Museum and NUI Galway, The Wild Atlantic Exhibition aims to increase public awareness and understanding of our marine environment. For more information see the Galway City Museum for more details.
Seafest is Ireland’s national maritime festival and is a key part of the Governments Harnessing our Ocean Wealth: An Integrated Marine plan for Ireland. Seafest is a free summer festival run in key coastal cities in Ireland each year. The national festival celebrates Ireland’s proud maritime heritage and the many ways our seas and oceans impact on and enrich our lives. It provides a programme of events for all ages with the goal to increase participation and engagement with the sea. For more information see
Our Ocean Wealth
Our Ocean Wealth
Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth - An Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland was published by the Government in 2012. The Plan is an initiative of the Inter-Departmental Marine Coordination Group, chaired by Mr. Michael Creed TD., Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine. Responsibility for marine matters is spread across a number of Government Departments and agencies, including the Marine Institute. For more information about Our Ocean Wealth see
Maritime Education. Big Stock Image.
Maritime Education
There are opportunities to learn about the impact that the maritime industry has on day to day life in Ireland and also to pursue a career in the maritime industry through training and employment.