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Engaging with the Sea

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Ocean literacy and engagement has been achieved through some exciting projects carried out by marine scientists, artists, community groups and schools. This has been done by building on our maritime heritage, strengthening our maritime identity; increasing our awareness of the value, opportunities and societal benefits; as well as promoting engagement and participation by all.

Longest River
Longest River
The Longest River features Galway choir group Cois Claidagh and invited speakers who promote marine science and technology through choral music, a selection of poetry, narration, lecture, as well as marine photography and high definition video footage.
Media Productions
Media Productions
The Marine Institute has supported the production of a number film projects raising awareness about the ocean.
Sea for Society Image.
Sea for Society
Sea for Society (SFS) is a European Project funded by DG Research & Innovation under the Theme Science in Society. The project aims to develop and enrich the concept of Blue Society , preparing at the same time mechanisms for cooperation.
Aerial/Sparks Image.
Artists, writers and composers from Ireland and Europe have joined expeditions on the Marine Institute’s research vessel RV Celtic Explorer as part of Aerial/Sparks, an interdisciplinary art project which explores radio connectivity and its relationship to the unknown.