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Explorer News

Main Image. Explorer News. Photographer Cushla Dromgool Regan

Explorer News Overview

The Explorers Education officer and other Explorer participants provide regular updates, fun lessons, activities and crazy experiments that can be used in class that all relate to our marine.

Explorers Facebook. Illustration by John Joyce
Explorers Facebook
Check out the Explorers Facebook page and see what the Explorers Education officer has found out this week about the marine as well as fun facts and exciting experiments you can use in class.
Explorers Vimeo. Illustration by John Joyce
Explorers Vimeo
The Explorer’s Vimeo site also provides some great marine themed lesson plans and easy experiments that are suitable for primary schools.
Explorers Scéal. Illustration by John Joyce
Explorers Scéal
The Explorers Scéal (newsletters) are filled with interesting facts, photographs and stories about the class activities and the Explorer tanks in class. The following Explorers Scéal were produced by the students taking part in the Explorer s programme based in Dublin and Wicklow.