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Explorer Scéal

 Moneystown National School under the sea display_Explorers Education Programme 2016

The Explorers Scéal (newsletters) are filled with interesting facts, photographs and stories about the class activities and the Explorer tanks in class. Each class has received an Explorers Aquarium with animals typically found on the Irish seashore.  The tanks are installed in the classroom for a month by the National Sealife -  Bray.  The project is coordinated by the Blackrock Education Centre and sponsored by the Marine Institute.

The following Explorers Scéal were produced by the students taking part in the Explorer's programme based in Dublin and Wicklow.  Congratulations to all of the teachers, students and the team from National Sealife -  Bray and Blackrock Education Centre for the excellent newsletter produced around with the Explorer Aquariums in Class project

Explorers Scéal 2016 

Explorers Scéal 1 (14th February 2016)

Bray School Project NS, Dominican Convent Primary School, Holy Family NS, St Annes NS, St Pius X GNS, St Mary's & St Gerard's NS  all recieved their Explorers tanks from the National Sealife -  Bray.  The students write about the adventures and excitement of the animals and what they have learned.  A special mention must be noted regarding the fantastic names the students have given the animals including Luke Starwalker, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Prawnnobi - inspired by the movie Starwars.

Explorers Scéal 2 (22nd February 2016)

St Pius X GNS Bray School Project NS latest newsletter provides some updates after week 2 of having the Explorers tanks in their class.  The students observations of the animals behaviour and the artwork they have produced is very good.  The students also wrote about Loraine who is the Explorers Coordinator visiting their classes.  She showed the students amazing pictures of leatherback turtles and spoke to them about what it is like being a marine biologist. 

Explorers Scéal 3 (28th February 2016)

St Mary's & St Gerard's NS, Scoil Cholmcille, St Pius X GNS and St Annes NS have evidently grown very attached to their seashore animals that they are looking after in the Explorers tanks.  Each day seems to provide the students with a list of amazing activities and observations of how the animals behave.  Again the animals have received original names such as Sparky, Giuseppe, F'wed and SpongeBob.  The students have proven their research skills and found out some amazing facts about starfish, flatfish and prawns noting that starfish lay 2.5 million eggs in their lifetime.  Scoil Cholmcille have written a brilliant story about their animals which is worth reading.  

Explorers Scéal 4 (7th March 2016)

Bray School Project NS, Dominican Convent Primary School, Glenageary Killiney NS, St Annes NS, Moneystown NS, St Mary's & St Gerard's NS write about the cross curricular activities they have been involved with while they have had the Explorers tanks in their class.  Bray have written excellent Haiku poems about the prawn called Casper, Tobi the starfish and Zerkaa the flatfish.  The students have also carried out a number of experiments as well as completing artwork relating to their marine experience.  The schools have also documented the animals in the tanks where they have taken some excellent photographs.

 Explorers Scéal 5 (11th March 2016)

St. Annes National School, St. Mary’s & St. Gerard’s National School, St. Patrick’s National School, St. Pius X Girls National School all provided their last update on activities involving the Explorers Aquarium in the Class.  It seems a lot of close bonds have been made with the sea life that the children looked after.  A big thank you to Blackrock Education Centre and Sealife Aquarium in Bray with their coordination of the Explorers Education Programme™ in Dublin and Wicklow.  



Explorers Scéal 2015 

Explorers Scéal 1 (26th January 2015) 

Holy Family NS Monkstown Farm, Marino School, Delgany National School, St Pius X G.N.S, New Court School, Greystones ETNS, Glenageary-Killiney NS, Good Shepherd NS and Dalkey School Project N.S write about their exciting experience of the Explorers Tank arriving in their classrooms. The students eagerly named their fish which included two Blennies being appropriately named 'Fish and Chips'. 

Explorers Scéal 2 (2nd February 2015) 

Dalkey School Project NS, Star of the Sea BNS, 5th Class, Delgany N.S., Bitter Sweet at New Court, Holy Family NS, St Declan’s NS, St. Pius X, G.N.S., Glenageary-Killiney NS, write about their adventures so far with the Explorers Tank. A thrilling week was had by all students with activities ranging from presentations about Biodiversity of the Sea to a visit to Sea- Life Bray. Students also observed the latest happenings in the Explorers Tanks where some students witnessed one of their mussels escape from becoming their Starfish's lunch. 

Explorers Scéal 3 (9th February 2015) 

St Pius X GNS, Delgany N.S, Glenageary- Killiney NS, Star of the Sea BNS, Good Shepherd NS, Greystones ETNS, Marino School write about another eventful week with their Explorer tanks. Students enthusiastically participated in artwork making an estuary, observed more fishy behaviour and did a project on how the Lusitania sank. 

Explorers Scéal 4 (16th February 2015)

Check out the fantastic photos and stories written by students from Dalkey School Project N.S, Delgany N.S, St Pius X GNS, St Peter's Primary School Bray and Glenageary Killiney. The students highlight some of the exciting activities they have been involved in while having the Explorer's Aquarium in class. 

Explorers Scéal 2014

Explorers Scéal 1 (17th March 2014) 

St Catherine’s, Francis St CBS, Scoil Mhuire, St Mary’s & St Gerard’s, Johnstown BNS, Scoil San Eoin and St Kevins write about their recent activities involving the Explorers Aquariums in their classes.

Explorers Scéal 2 (24th March 2014)

Scoil Mhuire,Scoil San Eoin, St Mary’s & St Gerard’s, St Catherine’s, St Kevin’s, Johnstown BNS, Scoil Treasa Naofa and Francis Street provide further updates on their recent Explorer activities.

Explorers Scéal 3 (31st March 2014) 

Johnstown BNS classes 1 and 2, Scoil Mhuire, Scoil San Eoin, St Catherine’s, Francis Street CBS, St Mary’s & St Gerard’s, Hollypark GNS and St Kevin’s write about their third week of episodes involving the seashore species kept in the Explorer tanks, which include some great photographs.

Explorers Scéal 4 (7th April 2014)

Harold School, Holy Trinity, Francis Street CBS, Johnstown BNS 1, Hollypark G.N.S, Foxrock, St Mary’s & St Gerard’s, Johnstown BNS 2, and St Catherine’s produce articles and photographs for the Explorers Scéal.  The students write about their very exciting activities involving the Explorers aquarium in their class, as well as extra curricular activities including experiments and even a marine themed cake sale.  Well done to all of the classes involved!