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Explorer School Modules

Main Image. Explorer Schools and Modules. Photographer Jason Clarke

Explorer School Modules Overview

The Explorers Education Programme offers modules to primary school students and teachers, so they can get involved in marine projects, seashores safaris, having aquariums in the class, and taking part in a number of exciting marine workshops.

On completion of a module, the class and students will be awarded an Explorers Certificate of Participation.

Explorers Education Programme. Explorers Lesson Plans. Photographer Andrew Downes
Explorers Module Booking Process
Primary school teachers can apply to participate in the Explorers Education Programme where a range of modules are available.
Explorers Aquarium in Class. Photographer Jason Clarke
Explorers Aquarium in the Classroom
An Explorers saltwater aquarium with native species will be provided with education resources to carry out cross curricular project work.
Explorers Marine Projects. Photographer Andrew Downes
Explorers Marine Project
Students will receive an introduction about their chosen marine topic from the Explorers Education Officer.
Explorers Seashore Safari. Photographer Mike Shaughnessy
Explorers Seashore Safari
The Explorers Education officer will organise a seashore safari to examine the local marine environment.
Explorers Workshops. Photographer Andrew Downes
Explorers Workshop
Explorer Workshops can be booked introducing students to marine species and our oceans. Explorer Workshops are run throughout the year, including Maths Week (October), Science Week (November) and Engineering Week (February).