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Explorers Aquarium in the Classroom

Explorers Aquarium in Class. Photographer Jason Clarke photography.

The Explorers saltwater aquarium in class module provides teachers with an opportunity to bring the seashore to the classroom and teach their students about marine living things and environmental awareness and care. Teachers will be provided with equipment and stock to run a saltwater aquarium with native species from the seashore for up to four weeks in their classroom with support provided by an Explorers Education officer. This module is suitable for 5th and 6th class. Teacher's will be provided with a teachers guide as well as recommended education resources and lesson plans to carry out cross curricular project work based around their aquarium.

 The saltwater aquarium in class module includes two half-day visits (approx 2 hours per visit) to the class by an Explorers Education Officer. The first visit will involve a fun introduction to ocean literacy, a presentation about marine living things as well as instructions on caring for the animals in the aquarium.   The second visit will involve the class providing a presentation and discussion of their project work that relates to the aquarium in the class.  Both visits will involve fun activities assessing the student’s ocean literacy in which they will be awarded an Explorers Certificate of Participation on completion of the module.  

Teachers participating in this module must attend an introduction workshop prior to the delivery of the aquarium to the class.

For further information and to book your class for this module please contact the outreach centre in your location:  Explorer contacts 

The Explorers Education Programme™ is supported by the Marine Institute, and is funded under the Marine Research Programme by the Irish Government.