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Explorers Mission Statement and Goals

Explorer Education Mission Statement and Objectives. Photographer Tom Szumski

Our Mission Statement:

The Explorers Education Programme™ aims to build on Ireland’s marine and maritime heritage by increasing awareness of the value, opportunities and social benefits of our ocean wealth and identity.


Our Goals:

  1. EDUCATE primary school children, teachers and educators in Ireland, enabling them to understand the oceans influence on us and our influence on the ocean, through outreach and centre activities in Ireland.
  2. COORDINATE professional development training and workshops for teachers and trainee teachers, to develop their marine literacy skills and promote the use of marine content in line with the national curriculum.
  3. DEVELOP education materials and resources based on the Irish primary school curriculum to support teachers teaching marine in primary schools.
  4. PROMOTE ocean literacy and marine outreach activities with local communities, educators and influencers through events and media, so as to create dialogue and engagement about our ocean.