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Explorers Wild about Wildlife on the Seashore

Explorers Wild about Wildlife

Each of the Wild about Wildlife films provides learning ques introducing the animals’ names in English and Irish, new words about the seashore habitat and the animals’ features. The films include a ‘What I have learned today’ summary that teachers and children may use to discuss what fun facts they have discovered. The Explorers team also provide some suggestions for cross curricular activities that can be completed after watching the film. Have fun and #KeepExploring!

Don't forget to check out the Explorers Wild about Wildlife on the Seashore classroom resources and student activities that can be used with this film. See the Seashore Resources in the Explorers Seashore Resources Section.

Wild About Wildlife Seashells Image

Explorers Wild about Wildlife on the Seashore: Seashells & Friends
The Explorers team in Galway will take you on a journey down to the seashore where they discover some of the coolest seashell creatures. Learn what seashells are bivalves and which ones are gastropods, how they survive the harsh environment, and what they like to eat! Noirin tells us all about the seashell treasures along the upper shoreline. She also makes a discovery - which looks like a seashell but it’s not! Anna finds some of the tiniest periwinkles and top shells with the coolest spirals feasting on seaweeds in the rockpools in the middle shore. Padraic also finds his way to the lower shore hunting down the carnivore dog whelk, that loves to make limpets into soup!


Wild About Wildlife Fish Image

Explorers Wild about Wildlife on the Seashore: Fish - All Shapes & Sizes
Join our Explorers Education officer Padraic in Galway on the lower shore area of Grattan Beach, where he has found some amazing fish - all shapes and sizes. Discover the flat fish that lives in the sand, the camouflaging blenny that can walk across seaweed, the slippery butterfish that looks like it has lots of eyes, as well as the sea stickleback that resembles as seaweed stipe or a stick.


Wild About Wildlife Crustaceans Image

Explorers Wild about Wildlife on the Seashore: Crustaceans
You can’t help but love the wildlife on the seashore, particularly after meeting some of incredible animals that belong to the crustacean family. They come in all shapes and sizes including decapods, amphipods and isopods! Join Padraic where he tells us about the super sand hoppers that are known as the scavengers. Noirin will brighten your day by telling us all about the pill bug isopod that’s also known as a roly-poly, acorn barnacles that are cemented to the rock on their heads. We will also join her in tracking down the loveable hermit crab that is always on the hunt for a new home. Anna will the also show us the coolest of all the crustacean family – the common shore crab!