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Super Seashell Transformer Competition

Super Seashell Transformer Competition

Explorers Wild About Wildlife on the Seashore

Super Seashell Transformer Competition

Science Week 8th – 22nd November 2020


Seashells come in all shapes, sizes and have lots of different types of features and adaptations. Some are spiralled, some are flat, some are bright yellow and others white, black and multi-coloured. There are shells that can stick to rocks using their foot... which is also their grazing tongue! Some can drill holes into shells and eat others for soup ... and some shells have an amazing thread that is as tough as cement...


WOW!!! If you had all of those powers what would you be?


Can you design a super transformer robot that is inspired by a seashell?  What would it look like before and after ... AND what would it be able to do on the shore or in the ocean or on land?


As its science week, the Explorers team would love to see your designs. 



If you are down at the seashore design an Explorers Super Seashell Transformer from items that you find on the sand… shells, seaweeds, rocks, recycled items!!!!



If you are at home, you can also design a Explorers Super Seashell Transformer on paper - Check out the EXPLORERS SUPER SEASHELL TRANSFORMER COMPETITION SHEET that you can use …

Or create a model out of items in the house that remind you of seashells – Pimp it up with paint, markers or even recycled bits and pieces from your bin.



After you have created your Transformer… Take a photo & post it on social media #EXPLORERSTRANSFORMER


Let us know how old you are, what your seashell transformer is in disguise and what it will transform into.  How will it transform the seashore?!!!


Don’t forget to get your parents to check us out on social media and share a picture of your Explorers Super Seashell Transformer design.


Facebook: ExplorersMarineEducation

Twitter: explorersedu



Lots of fun prizes including: a free family pass to Galway Atlantaquaria, cool marine books for kids, a Transformer toy ready for action, STEM model building kit … and lots more.