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Strategy & Directives

Strategy and Directives Main Image. Photographer Thomas Szumski

Marine Strategy & Directives

Our work supports the implementation of a number of EU Directives including the Water Framework Directive, Marine Strategy Framework Directive and DCMAP (EU Data Collection Multi Annual Programme).

Strategy and Directives. Water Framework Directive. Photographer Thomas Szumski
Water Framework Directive
The EU Water Framework Directive brings an integrated approach to managing water quality in order to protect and enhance both the ecological and chemical quality of rivers, lakes, groundwater, estuaries and coastal waters.
Strategy and Directives. MSFD. Photographer Thomas Szumski
Marine Strategy Framework Directive
The Marine Strategy Framework Directive is EU legislation that aims to protect the marine environment. It’s based on an ecosystem-based approach to managing human activities, to enable sustainable use of marine goods and services.
Strategy and Directives. DCMP. Photographer Paul Kaye
DCMAP - Data Collection Multi Annual Programme
Collection of fisheries data is an important part of supporting the delivery of the Common Fisheries Policy. We collect data through a comprehensive research vessel survey programme, port sampling of landings, sea sampling of discards, age profile of the fisheries resource, analyses of EU logbook and vessel monitoring systems data.