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We aim to offer a high quality and consistent level of service to all our customers and welcome feedback on your experience of the Marine Institute's service.

Marine Institute Headquarters

Co. Galway.
H91 R673
Phone: (+)353 (0)9 138 7200
Fax (+)353 (0)9 138 7201
Email: institute [dot] mail [at] marine [dot] ie

An acknowledgement of receipt of any of the requests below is provided within 2 working days including name and contact details for the MI contact who is handling the query. A response will be provided to the requestor within 10 working days (with the exception of response times for FOI/AIE requests, which will be in line with legislation)

General Inquiries
All general enquiries.
email: institute [dot] mail [at] marine [dot] ie

Customer Service Feedback
We welcome feedback on your experience of the Institute's services.
form: Customer Service Feedback Form

Website Feedback
Complete the form in relation to any issues, good or bad, you have with the website.
form: Website Feedback Form

Contact for complaints in relation to the Marine Institute.
email: complaints [at] marine [dot] ie

Accessibility Issues
Contacts to provide and arrange for and co-ordinate the provision of assistance and guidance to persons with disabilities and also deal with any complaints in relation to Section 38 of the Disability Act 2005.
email: access [dot] officer [at] marine [dot] ie, inquiryofficer [at] marine [dot] ie

Contact for Freedom of Information and Access to Information on the Environment requests. Please note response times are in line with legislation.
email: foi [at] marine [dot] ie

Provision Of Information To Members Of The Oireachtas
The Marine Institute maintains a dedicated email address for providing information to Oireachtas members.
email: Oireachtas [dot] queries [at] marine [dot] ie

Make a Data Request

If you wish to obtain data from the Marine Institute, please refer to our online data portal here. If you don't find what you need there, please submit a data request.

Marine Institute Regional Offices and Laboratories

Marine Institute Dublin

Three Park Place,
Upper Hatch Street,
Dublin 2.
D02 FX65
Phone: (+)353 (0)91 387200
Fax: (+)353 (0)91 387201
Email: institute [dot] mail [at] marine [dot] ie

Marine Institute Catchment Research Facility

Co. Mayo.
F28 PF65
Phone: (+)353 (0)98 42300
Email: institute [dot] mail [at] marine [dot] ie