Marine Institute

Information for Foreign Research Vessels in Irish Waters

Celtic Explorer's Passage through the Kiel CanalThe Irish Authorities require foreign states to apply for consent to conduct marine scientific research activities in waters under Irish jurisdiction.  These waters include the Territorial Sea, the 200-mile Exclusive Fishery Zone and the Continental Shelf.  

Applications should be received in Ireland, having passed through appropriate diplomatic channels, at least 6 months in advance of the commencement of the proposed research activity in Irish waters. The application form at the following link should be used when applying:  Application Form to Conduct Marine Scientific Research (Word doc 236kb)

If the proposed research activities fall within the boundaries of a Marine Special Area of Conservation, the applicant should familiarise himself with the Code of Practice for Marine Scientific Research at Irish Coral Reef Special Areas of Conservation.   

Immediately on entering the area under Irish jurisdiction where the research activity is to be undertaken, the vessel will notify rv [at] marine [dot] ie (Subject: Foreign Vessel Cruise Entry to Irish Waters) (Research Vessel Operations), Marine Institute, Rinville, Oranmore, Galway (Fax +353 (0)9 138 7201) of its exact position in latitude and longitude, and will make a similar notification as it leaves such waters.  

The scientist in charge of that part of the cruise taking place within waters under Irish jurisdiction is requested to submit the following to rv [at] marine [dot] ie (Subject: Foreign Vessel Cruise Narrative) (Research Vessel Operations), Marine Institute, Rinville, Galway within one week of the end of the cruise, 2 copies of: 

  • a short cruise narrative describing the cruise and it's preliminary results
  • a completed ROSCOP form
  • the ship's cruise track chart

Subsequently, 2 copies of the full Cruise Report (including an assessment of the results of the cruise) and 2 copies of all publications arising out of the cruise must be provided to rv [at] marine [dot] ie (Subject: Foreign Vessel Cruise Report) (Research Vessel Operations) at the same address as above.