Foras na Mara

Glider 'Laochra Na Mara'

Glider being Deployed

The Marine Institute operates Laochra na Mara  - a 1000m rated Teledyne Webb /Slocum glider (G1) which is available to the user community for Oceanographic surveys. The Laochra na Mara can be operated from the Celtic Explorer or Celtic Voyager and may also be operated from other appropriate vessels, subject to Research Vessel Operations’ approval. The system is capable of operating for 12-15 days autonomously whilst collecting CTD profiles to depths of 1000m.

All users of the Marine Institute’s Laochra na Mara Glider will be charged a daily rate of €800 for standard research operations. The rate includes full technical support for preparation, launch, mission control and recovery of the system as well as delivery of data.

Slocum 1000 meter Glider Specifications

Glider Underwater

Weight in Air: 56Kg
Weight in Water: Neutrally Buoyant
Hull Diameter: 22 cm/8 2/3 Inch
Width including Wings: 100.3cm /39 1/2 Inch
 Vehicle Length:  1.5m
 Depth Range:  40-1000 metres
 Speed, Projected:  0.4 m/sec horizontal
 Energy:  Alkaline Batteries
 Endurance:  Mission dependent
 Range:   Mission dependent
 Navigation:  GPS, Internal dead reckoning, altimeter
 Sensor Package: Conductivity, Temperature, Depth, Fluorescence, Turbidity, DO
Communications:  RV Modem, Iridium satellite, ARGOS
Daily Rate for Standard Research Operations: €800

Preparing for Deployment