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Nuacht & Imeachtaí Archive 2010

Nuacht :
Nollaig 13, 2010

Ireland welcomes the opportunity to input on major international strategy document

Nollaig 7, 2010

2010 "Stock Book" Values Irish Fish Stocks at €1.2 billion

Nuacht :
Nollaig 3, 2010

“Real Atlas” of Ireland presented to Ms. Marie-Geoghegan Quinn

Samhain 29, 2010

RESCALE Project Charts the Course of Climate Change on Western Rivers.

Samhain 25, 2010

Irish Maritime Development Office Release Third Quarter Shipping and Ports

Nuacht :
Samhain 23, 2010

Catalogue of over 5,000 books relating to the sea now available for viewing

Samhain 18, 2010

Hi-Tech Marine Sensing Systems Offer New Opportunities for Ireland

Samhain 17, 2010

Intel and the Marine Institute Invest in Innovation

Samhain 12, 2010

“Explorers” Primary School Marine Education Programme Launches on the East Coast

Nuacht :
Samhain 9, 2010

Young science enthusiasts, families and inventors from the past, present and future celebrated the launch of the national “Science Week” at Galway Atlantaquaria.

Nuacht :
Samhain 8, 2010

New Horizons in Sustainable Ocean Technology Discussed

Samhain 5, 2010

International Shark Conference a First for Ireland

Samhain 3, 2010

Stunning Underwater Landscapes Revealed

Nuacht :
Samhain 1, 2010

The Explorers Education Programme run by Galway Atlantaquaria with the support of the Marine Institute is emerging out of the deep blue sea and into space to celebrate the launch of National Science Week 2010.

Nuacht :
Deireadh Fómhair 22, 2010

EU Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn welcomes the Ostend Declaration: a call for recognition of the Seas and Oceans as one of the Grand Challenges for Europe in the 21st century.

Deireadh Fómhair 12, 2010

Four Years of Research Reveals Unique opportunity to Conserve Shark Species

Deireadh Fómhair 11, 2010

Charter agreements are signed aboard the RV Celtic Explorer in Galway.

Deireadh Fómhair 8, 2010

Ireland’s Research Vessel Celtic Explorer to undertake surveys for Newfoundland

Deireadh Fómhair 4, 2010

Brendan Smith TD, Minister for Agriculture Fisheries and Food launches the publication of the final report on the RESCALE project at the Marine Institute in Newport, Co. Mayo.

Nuacht :
Meán Fómhair 28, 2010

International Energy Agency experts workshop meet in Clontarf Castle, Dublin.

Nuacht :
Meán Fómhair 27, 2010

The European Commission invites on-line public input to explore how the Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP: 2007) could be implemented in the European Atlantic Area.

Nuacht :
Meán Fómhair 24, 2010

The Marine Institute welcomes the publication of a major international marine environmental status report.

Nuacht :
Meán Fómhair 22, 2010

Irish marine researchers (including SMEs) are invited to comment and / or give input to future European Marine Research Strategy.

Meán Fómhair 15, 2010

Announcement of over €23 million in European funding for Irish marine research groups, including ocean energy, sustainable fisheries, biotechnology and marine environmental monitoring.

Lúnasa 25, 2010

Shipping volumes on key corridors have stabilised with a largely positive underlying trend

Lúnasa 25, 2010

Marine Institute/EUROFLEETS project offers unique opportunity to sample science at sea

Lúnasa 24, 2010

Former Obama Advisor sees a "Rebirth" in the Use of Industry Information to Guide Scientists.

Lúnasa 9, 2010

Trial hatchery and ongrowing methods for a number of seaweed species being developed.

Nuacht :
Lúnasa 5, 2010

Fishermen and fisheries scientists get together to pool information on fish stocks

Nuacht :
Iúil 27, 2010

Opportunities for New Developments in the Marine Sector Discussed

Iúil 27, 2010

Significant opportunities for cod farming in the west of Ireland - Minister told.

Iúil 23, 2010

Europe's biggest ever investment in research and innovation.

Iúil 21, 2010

National Shared Marine Research, Test and Demonstration Platform to facilitate the commercial development of cutting-edge technologies.

Iúil 15, 2010

The Marine Institute raised over €5,500 recently (11th July 2010) in aid of Galway Lifeboat (RNLI) at its Summer Fête in Rinville, Oranmore.

Iúil 11, 2010

ROV Holland 1 used in Joint Navy / Coast Guard / Marine Institute / Lighthouse Service Exercise off the Cork Coast.

Iúil 2, 2010

The Marine Institute is having a Summer Fête – Family Fun Pirate Day at its headquarters, Rinville, Oranmore on Sunday 11th July from 1.00 pm in aid of Galway Lifeboat.

Meitheamh 29, 2010

Competitive Recovery the only way forward for Europe - say Irish export firms

Meitheamh 28, 2010

Warm Water Species on the Increase Around Ireland's Coasts

Nuacht :
Meitheamh 25, 2010

Closing date for funding applications is 16:00 hours on Friday 1st October, 2010

Nuacht :
Meitheamh 10, 2010

Robot submarine probes the depths for undiscovered sources of bioactive compounds off Ireland's continental shelf.

Nuacht :
Meitheamh 2, 2010

Feedback and ideas please by 4th July

Nuacht :
Meitheamh 1, 2010

Scientists and anglers in joint satellite-linked project to track Porbeagle sharks around Ireland

Nuacht :
Bealtaine 27, 2010

Calcium crystals reflect light to give a beautiful natural marine phenomenon

Bealtaine 26, 2010

Marine Institute Workshop looks to a Smart Economy of the Seas

Nuacht :
Bealtaine 25, 2010

New and emerging technologies offer great opportunies for marine industries.

Bealtaine 20, 2010

Minister Dempsey Announces National Schools "Follow the Fleet" Competition Winners

Nuacht :
Bealtaine 19, 2010

DAFF Workshop on "Strengthening Ireland in participation in FP7" is told.

Nuacht :
Bealtaine 18, 2010

The Marine Institute recently held an open day on board the national Research Vessel Celtic Explorer.

Aibreán 22, 2010

An estimated 62,000 additional ferry passengers were carried through Irish ports over the first six days of the aviation crisis

Aibreán 20, 2010

The Irish ports and shipping sectors began to show positive signs of recovery towards the last quarter of 2009.

Aibreán 19, 2010

The calendar of events for Galway’s forthcoming Month of Marine Madness during May has been launched.

Aibreán 7, 2010

The Folens/Phillips New Irish Primary Atlas features Ireland’s Seabed Territory

Márta 25, 2010

The Marine Institute headquarters and laboratory facility at Oranmore, Co. Galway was honoured by a visit by both the US and UK Ambassadors to Ireland, The Honorable Mr. Daniel M. Rooney and His Excellency Julian King.

Nuacht :
Márta 17, 2010

Major Marine Institute Workshop Looks to a Smart Economy of the Seas

Nuacht :
Márta 15, 2010

Dubliners come face to face with dogfish, spidercrabs and stafish in Merrion Square

Nuacht :
Márta 15, 2010

Applications invited for access to 18 European research vessels.

Márta 10, 2010

Ocean monitoring networks, hi-tech research vessels, and weather forecasting systems feature on Ireland’s stand

Feabhra 26, 2010

Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Mr. Tony Killeen T.D. launches a special “Review of Irish Shellfisheries” at the Irish Skipper Expo 2010 in Galway.

Nuacht :
Feabhra 23, 2010

“Research in Aquaculture Must be Matched to Current Problems” says Irish Science Chief.

Feabhra 16, 2010

Science@Sea ship-based training courses returns in early April on board the national research vessel Celtic Voyager.

Feabhra 12, 2010

Remote sensors for pollution, pathogens and toxic plankton blooms under development at Dublin City University.

Nuacht :
Eanáir 28, 2010

Diverse range of topics discussed

Nuacht :
Eanáir 20, 2010

Damage done to fish stocks from discarded nets may not be as widespread as previously thought

Eanáir 18, 2010

Marine Institute launches new data resource on Irish fishing activity

Nuacht :
Eanáir 8, 2010

Minister Tony Killeen Visits National Research Vessel in Galway

Nuacht :
Eanáir 6, 2010

A study to record the wealth of knowledge held by fishermen is underway in Galway Bay

Nuacht :
Eanáir 5, 2010

Once considered unimportant as a factor in coastal economies, jellyfish are now playing increasingly significant roles in coastal ecosystems and processes.