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The Marine Institute provides funding for marine related projects under the Marine Research Programme. In 2016 funding was provided under a number of programmes including the Cullen Fellowship Programme, Shiptime Programme, Ocean Awareness, Project-Based Awards, Networking and Travel Awards and the National Infrastructure Programme (NIAP). Click on the Marine Research Programme to see full details of the awards funded by the Marine Institute under the various programmes in 2016.

Details on marine related projects funded with an Irish partner are provided in the reports below. These reports include projects funded by national and international funding agencies.  You can also view the organisations involved in marine research on the following interactive map. You can zoom to a particular organisation and click on the View Details button on the individual pin to view additional project details. 


You can search the  reports listed below by organisations involved in projects; projects funded by specific national funding agencies; projects funded by the European Commission/other funding mechanisms; projects relating to a specific area of research and projects awarded by year.  Marine Institute funded projects include additional details relating to project publications and other outputs.  Click on the query title below and follow the additional onscreen instructions in the new window to complete your search.  For further details on individual projects, please contact the project co-ordinator listed for the project.

Organisation Query:  Select this report to view a list of projects which include involvement by a specific Organisation, either as a lead or partner role.  Please type the name of the Organisation in the box provided.

National Funding Agency Query:  Select this report to view a list of Projects funded by National Funding Agencies.  A dropdown list of Agencies allows you to choose a specific one.

Other Funding Agency Query: Select this report to view a list of Projects funded by European/Other Funding Mechanisms. At present the dropdown list option is European Union funded projects with Irish participation (FP7 and INTERREG).

Research Focus Query: Select this report to view a list of Projects funded under a specific area of research.  The dropdown list contains the Research Focus categories as defined in Sea Change.

Year Awarded Query: Select this report to view a list of projects funded by year. Choose a specific year from the dropdown menu.

We aim to capture all marine related research carried out in Ireland and this information is continually updated.  If you would like us to include your marine research project on this database please submit the project details to the funding [at] marine [dot] ie (Subject: Research Database) (Research Office).