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MT Marine Technology Main Image. Smartbay Illustration designed by Frank O'Reilly. Copyright Marine Institute

Marine Technology Overview

The National Marine Technology Programme is part of Sea Change Ireland’s marine research and innovation strategy which seeks to: Create a critical mass, multi-disciplinary and industry-oriented research grouping in the area of advanced sensing, communications and informatics. Create a focused capability in the application of next generation technology solutions for marine and environmental sectors. Deliver innovative technology solutions to global markets.

MT Advanced Technology Programme. Illustration designed by Real Sim
Advanced Technology Programme
The Advanced Marine Technology Programme facilities a range of research and development activities in the area of sensor technologies and platforms, advanced communications, robotics, data management and information systems.
MT Smart Bay. Photographer James Ryan
SmartBay Ireland supports the testing and validation of novel sensors and equipment for its clients. Facilities include surface platforms and a sub-sea cabled observatory for the demonstration and validation of new technologies and solutions.
MT Smart Ocean. Photographer David Branigan
Smart Ocean is an initiative led by the Marine institute aimed at catalysing the development of high value products and services by creating a critical mass of research and development activities in Marine ICT through the development of a SmartOcean innovation cluster.