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National Marine Research Strategy

Main Image National Marine Research Strategy. Copyright Strategic Marine Alliance for Research and Training.

National Marine Research & Innovation Strategy 2017-2021 Overview

Ireland’s Marine Research & Innovation Strategy covers the period 2017-2021. The Strategy supports the implementation of Innovation 2020, Ireland’s national Research and Innovation Strategy, which identifies Marine as one of eight areas of focus for social progress and the economy.

National Marine Research & Innovation Strategy 2017-2021
A New National Marine Research & Innovation Strategy 2017-2021
A new National Marine Research and Innovation Strategy was identified as a key enabling action in Ireland’s Integrated Marine Plan - Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth. This need was echoed in Innovation 2020, the national Research and Innovation Strategy. As part of the preparation of the Strategy, the Marine Institute undertook a detailed review of national and European policies and strategies in relation to the Marine. This process identified the 15 major themes that are considered under the Strategy. This approach was taken to ensure that the strategy is focused on applied and demand-led research, while recognising the importance of a fully functional marine research system that extends from basic research, through applied research, to translational utilisation of research outputs.