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Networking & Travel Awards

The Marine Institute provide travel grants to promote appropriate networking activities that support the Irish marine research community. The awards are designed as a small-scale, flexible scheme to support networking initiatives in the marine sector. Grant support is provided in the following categories:

A. Hosting Workshops & Conferences

This award provides support for the organisation of national/international Marine Conferences or Workshops held in Ireland.

B. Researcher Travel Awards

This award provides for overseas travel to

  • Present papers/posters at international conferences/workshops held overseas.
  • Undertake a Working Visit to an international research institution overseas.
  • Attend a marine-related training course overseas.

C. Other Marine Networking Initiatives

This award provides travel grants to

  • Facilitate short outward visits from Ireland for technology transfer and other networking activities by SMEs and NGOs.
  • Attendance at overseas conferences/events/training courses for SME/NGO staff not eligible under Category B above.
  • Facilitate short outward visits from Ireland to attend pre-application meetings (e.g. H2020/INTERREG for specific application submissions).
  • Facilitate short inward visits from overseas experts to a host organisation in Ireland.

Specifically funding is awarded for:

  • Post-Graduate Students, Early Stage Researchers and Research Assistants to present their marine research to an international audience, network with international marine experts and disseminate research carried out in Ireland on the global stage.
  • Mobility of research expertise by SMEs (Small or Medium Sized Enterprises) and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) for the transfer of knowledge in science and technology towards the development of the marine sector.
  • Networking opportunities including support for hosting marine conferences/workshops held in Ireland and establishment of international networks for leveraging marine funding i.e. Horizon 2020 applications.

The Initiative remains open on a rolling basis, subject to funding availability, with submission deadlines on the last Thursday of each month.

Funding Awarded

Total funded 2019 - €112,028 (15 Hosted Conferences/Workshops; 97 Travel Awards; 7 other awards)

Total funded 2018 - €96,143 (20 Hosted Conferences/Workshops; 83 Travel Awards; 7 other awards)

Total funded 2017 - €97,963 (8 Hosted Conferences/Workshops; 72 Travel Awards; 7 other awards)

Total funded 2016 - €67,555 (15 Hosted Conferences/Workshops; 55 Travel Awards; 7 other awards)

This scheme is funded by the Marine Institute under the Marine Research Programme with the support of the Irish Government.


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