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As an island nation, Ireland has a long tradition of marine research and innovation stretching back to such pioneers as Francis Beaufort, John Holland and William Spotiswood Green. At the Marine Institute we carry out research, stimulate, fund and coordinate marine research and innovation programmes to support the sustainable development of Ireland’s marine resources.

Marine Research in Ireland
Marine Research in Ireland. Photographer Andrew Downes
Marine research is carried out in 13 Irish HEIs (7 universities and 6 Institutes of Technology) across the full spectrum of themes - fisheries and aquaculture, marine biodiscovery / biotechnology, marine functional foods, marine technology, marine environment and policy support.
Research & Innovation Strategy
National Marine Research & Innovation Strategy 2017-2021. Copyright Strategic Marine Alliance for Research and Training
Ireland’s Marine Research & Innovation Strategy covers the period 2017-2021. The Strategy supports the implementation of Innovation 2020, Ireland’s national Research and Innovation Strategy, which identifies Marine as one of eight areas of focus for social progress and the economy.
Research Funding
Research Funding. Copyright Strategic Marine Alliance for Research and Training
The Marine Institute manages competitive marine research funding programmes. Our competitive research awards has supported more that 260 researchers in the period 2007-2013. We also provide information on marine research funding opportunities from national and EU programmes.


Shiptime image (RV Celtic Voyager and RV Celtic Explorer). Photographer Andrew Downes
The Marine Institute operates the national marine research vessels (RV Celtic Explorer and RV Celtic Voyager), and associated research infrastructure, on behalf of the Irish Government and the Irish marine community. As part of the Marine Research Sub-Programme the Marine Institute runs an annual funding call for grant-aid towards Shiptime.


Marine Technology. Smartbay Illustration designed by Frank O'Reilly. Copyright Marine Institute
Marine Technology
The National Marine Technology Programme is part of Sea Change Ireland’s marine research and innovation strategy which seeks to: Create a critical mass, multi-disciplinary and industry-oriented research grouping in the area of advanced sensing, communications and informatics. Create a focused capability in the application of next generation technology solutions for marine and environmental sectors. Deliver innovative technology solutions to global markets.


Marine Biotechnology. Photographer Andrew Downes
Marine Biotechnology
We the Marine Institute have a key role in enabling marine biotechnology research and innovation through strategic funding programmes. Our strategic funding programmes contribute to the development of national strategic research and innovation which support the goals of Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth.


Oceanus Library. Photographer Cushla Droomgool Regan
Oceanus Library
Welcome to the Oceanus Library. Here you will find an extensive collection of scientific literature relating to marine and freshwater resources.