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2019 EPA Annual Research Call

The EPA has launched its 2019 Research Call and is now seeking proposals from the research community to help identify solutions to climate change and other emerging and complex environmental problems. The Research Call highlights the importance of a clean, healthy and well-protected environment for our health, our wellbeing and our quality of life. The Marine Institute is providing co-funding towards the climate topic and sustainability topic.

 With up to €10.2 million available for new research projects to be awarded in 2019 and 2020, innovative proposals are invited in response to 40 call topics, under the pillars of:  

  • Climate & Air
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Water

Full details of the call process are available on the EPA website. Call close date is 17:00, 28th June 2019.



Expiration Date: 
Dé hAoine, 28 Meitheamh, 2019