Marine Institute

National Funding

The Marine Institute provides funding for marine research in a range of areas including the Cullen Fellowship, Ship-time Programme and the Networking & Travel Initiative. The Marine Institute also provides funding for marine research including Project-Based awards such as

    • applied research projects
    • demonstration projects
    • desk/feasibility studies

and Research Awards such as

    • strategic research appointments,
    • research capacity/competency building,
    • post-doctoral fellowships,
    • PhD scholarships.

Information on other national and international funding calls relevant to marine research is available on the current funding opportunities page. Key Marine Institute marine research programmes include:

Cullen Fellowship Programme

The annual call under the Cullen Fellowship Programme provides Fellowships to postgraduates to work on projects relevant to the Marine Institute whilst studying for a higher degree. The Fellowships may be offered in all areas of Marine Institute research activity – food safety, marine technology, oceanography fisheries, shipping, statistics, marine economics, aquaculture and genetics.

The objectives of the Cullen Fellowship Programme are:

  • To provide research training opportunities for scientists in marine and related  disciplines leading to the acquisition of a higher degree,
  • To facilitate liaison between the Marine Institute’s applied research programme and the more basic or fundamental investigations in the third-level sector, particularly in ‘new science’ areas,
  • to increase the Marine Institute's research capacity.

During 2017 the Marine Institute funded 4 PhD Fellowships under the Cullen Fellowship Programme bringing a total 22 projects funded to date with a combined value  of €1,516,000.

Lead Organisation Project Title Grant-Aid €
UCD Investigating the prevalence of PMCV in Atlantic farmed salmon 73500
NUIG Fisheries Data Integration and Analytics 72000
UCD Coupled wave-ocean models 70500
NUIG Space based observations of marine phytoplankton 70500

Ship-Time Programme

The Marine Institute provides annual grant-aid to researchers to access ship-time to facilitate research projects/programmes and further develop the national potential to carry out world-class multidisciplinary marine research. The Ship-Time Programme also includes grant-aid to Higher Education Institutions within the island of Ireland, to provide dedicated undergraduate and/or postgraduate training programmes onboard the vessels under the Dedicated Training Programme. The Ship-Time Programme is awarded through a competitive open call on an annual basis. In 2017 the Marine Institute awarded a total of €2,682,600 in shiptime funding. Further information on the Ship-Time Programme can be found on the Shiptime overview page.

Networking & Travel Initiative

The Marine Institute provide travel grants to promote appropriate networking activities that support the Irish marine research community. Grant support is provided in the following categories:

  • Hosting Workshops and Conferences
  • Researcher Travel Awards
  • Other Marine Networking Initiatives

The Networking Initiative remains open on a rolling basis with evaluations taking place each month. In 2017, the Marine Institute awarded €97,123 in grant-aid funding under the Marine Institute’s Networking & Travel Awards.

Funding Type Awards Grant-Aid €
Hosting Workshops and Conferences 8 34,175
Resarcher Travel Award 72 59,433
Other Networking Initiatives 6 3,515