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SFI Research Infrastructure Programme 2015

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The purpose of the SFI Research Infrastructure Call is to support the research community in building and sustaining the required infrastructural capacity to accomplish high quality, high impact and innovative research in areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics that demonstrably enhance and underpin enterprise competitiveness and societal development in Ireland.

Key Programmatic Objectives

 To build, enhance and maintain national infrastructural capacity by supporting the acquisition of infrastructure.

  • To enhance activities and outputs of SFI researchers and other research groups.
  • To facilitate a more rapid commercialisation of research.
  • To encourage strategic infrastructural planning by research bodies.
  • To foster collaboration and partnership between researchers (including those in Northern Ireland).
  • To encourage partnership with industry through collaborative initiatives or through provision of access to infrastructure by industry with particular focus on growing the utilisation of the infrastructure by industry.
  • To encourage good negotiation with equipment vendors resulting in cost-effectiveness. 
  • To promote future sustainability through the development of access charge plans.

Full details of the Programme including details of the application process are available on the SFI website.

Expiration Date: 
Dé Luain, 20 Iúil, 2015