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Speciessort descendingSample Location NameIces Rectangle No.Production Week No.Sample Date
King ScallopArdglass bank (37-E4)5119/12/2018
King ScallopIsle of Man Ground (37-E5)5120/12/2018
King ScallopAnglesey Ground (35-E5)131/12/2018
King ScallopEast of Dun Laoghaire Ground (35-E4)5013/12/2018
King ScallopKY-KO-KR Kenmare River102/01/2019
King ScallopDingle Ground (33-D9)102/01/2019
King ScallopEnglish Channel (29-F0)5119/12/2018
King ScallopPort William Ground (38-E5)5119/12/2018
King ScallopSouth of Isle of Man (36-E5)102/01/2019
King ScallopMermaid Shoal Ground (39-E4)104/01/2019
King ScallopEast of Clogherhead (36-E4)5012/12/2018
King ScallopSouth of Isle of Man (36-E5)5012/12/2018
King ScallopEnglish Channel (30-F0)206/01/2019
King ScallopAnglesey Ground (35-E5)4903/12/2018
King ScallopSouth of Mine Head (31-E2)4905/12/2018
King ScallopSouth of Mine Head (31-E2)4905/12/2018
King ScallopRiggs Bank (38-E4)4907/12/2018
King ScallopEnglish Channel (30-F0)4908/12/2018
King ScallopEnglish Channel - VIID (29-E9)4908/12/2018
King ScallopEnglish Channel (29-F0)4908/12/2018


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