About Us

We are the State agency responsible for marine research, technology development and innovation in Ireland.

We carry out environmental, fisheries, and aquaculture surveys and monitoring programmes to meet Ireland’s national and international legal requirements. We provide scientific and technical advice to Government to help inform policy and to support the sustainable development of Ireland’s marine resource.

We aim to safeguard Ireland’s unique marine heritage through research and environmental monitoring.  Our research, strategic funding programmes, and national marine research platforms support the development of Ireland’s maritime economy.

The Marine Institute was set up under the Marine Institute Act 1991:

“to undertake, to coordinate, to promote and to assist in marine research and development and to provide such services related to research and development, that in the opinion of the Institute, will promote economic development  and create employment and protect the marine environment.”

Since then, we have grown from a staff of one to over 170 and our vision is for 

 "a thriving maritime economy in harmony with the ecosystem and supported by the delivery of excellence in our services."