Art of the Ocean

For centuries, the ocean has inspired writers, artists, filmmakers and photographers. From the infinite deep sea to the seashore, the ocean has always captured our hearts and minds with its magic and mystery.

The sea has been the setting for exploration and adventure, voyages to the great unknown, and inspired stories of mythical beings and curious creatures. The ocean has had a powerful presence in poetry, inspiring compelling imagery touching all the human senses and emotions.

The sea has also been a source of inspiration and fascination for artists, with many artworks over time featuring ships, seascapes and sea life. More recently, filmmakers have depicted the ocean on screen, and have helped us to discover more about the sea by capturing marine life on camera.

Be inspired, with a selection of poems and quotes celebrating the power of our seas. Discover Ireland's rich maritime heritage and history with the Explorers Education Programme’s Our Ocean – Marine Legends, Fairy Tales and Folklore in Ireland.

Create characters, marine animals, research vessels, surfers, divers with the Explorers Education Programme’s ‘Sea How to Draw’ series with popular cartoonist and author Dr John Joyce. Colour in the lighthouses located around the coast of Ireland, with a colouring book from the Commissioners of Irish Lights.

Explore films which showcase Ireland's marine life and the value of our ocean, including the documentary Ireland’s Deep Atlantic and the television series Taoide. Take a look at the series of illustrations that capture the importance of the ocean to coastal communities in Ireland and Wales, developed as part of the BlueFish project.

To find out more, dive deep into the Oceans of Learning resources available below: