Explorers School Project

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The Explorers We Are Ocean Champions School Project provides, teachers and children with the tools to develop their own collaborative school project within their school and community.  With support and guidance provided by the Explorers outreach team, the aim is to inspire children to become marine leaders and ocean champions.

Explorers School Project Image. Photo: Andrew Downes

The We Are Ocean Champions project is to focus on the concept ‘healthy oceans and marine environmental care’. The children are to identify and develop their school project concept, identify one or more issues, and work together to find solutions.  As part of the project, they are to create  positive actions to help raise awareness and engagement about the ocean with their friends, family, school and local community – so as to create ocean champions.

This is an excellent module for children to develop a strong connection with the natural environment – and taking the steps to making informed and positive decisions about how they can care for the ocean environment now and into the future! 

The Explorers projects may be used to support SDG14 Life Below Water (marine biodiversity); as well as SDG12 Responsible Consumption & Production (environmental awareness & care); and SDG13 Climate Action, to name a few.

By completing a We Are Ocean Champions School Project, teachers may enter the project into the annual national award competition.

A minimum of 100 children must take part in the school project.

More details of this will be announced soon!

The Explorers Education Programme is supported by the Marine Institute, and is funded under the Marine Research Programme by the Irish Government.