Explorers Teachers Training Webinars

Explorers Teachers Training Webinars

The Explorers Education Programme offers a range of inspiring short one-hour webinars for teachers and educators, introducing marine themes that support the primary school curriculum including literacy, maths, science, environmental awareness, and lots more.

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Explorers Teachers Training Webinars
Learning about pressure in the ocean. Photo: Andrew Downes, Xposure.

The Explorers webinars for teachers provide an introduction to our educational resources, as well as help you plan on how to introduce marine themes on the curriculum.  We also provide you with an opportunity to meet with the Explorers team, other educators and guest speakers who are experts in the marine. 


EXPLORERS Education Programme Workshop
Diving Deep with the Explorers Education Programme with our series of teacher and student workshops
Join the Explorers Education Programme team for some Ocean Exploration, with a series of online workshops. Designed to promote critical thinking, active citizenship, and active learning, this workshop series will provide teachers with the newest Explorers materials and resources. Complete the teacher only online session to gain access to a set of student workshops and resource materials. Suitable for students from 4th-6th class, the themed workshops will be approx. 45 mins long, and will include interactive content and time for Q&A.
EXPLORERS Special Teachers and Class Webinar: Turtle Talk with Sea Turtles for EMD in my Country
Celebrate World Turtle Day and the launch of the newly published Explorers Turtle Talk with Sea Turtles resources for EMD in my Country 2023.  Join the Explorers team Cat, Dave and Noirin as they introduce your class to some of the most famous marine reptiles, Sea Turtles! Discover the largest Sea Turtle in the world, who is also a regular visitor to Irish Waters. Explore the myths and legends that are inspired by these fascinating creatures, and examine how we can all play a role in ensuring sea turtles survival into the future.