Food from our Ocean

Our ocean is an important and reliable source of food. Ireland’s fisheries resource is the bedrock of the Irish seafood industry, which was valued at €1.22 billion in 2019. The waters around Ireland are some of the most productive fishing grounds in Europe, with Irish commercial fish landings worth around €216 million annually. The Marine Institute works in conjunction with international scientists to assess many of the key commercial fish and shellfish stocks in the waters around Ireland.

The Marine Institute carries also carries out a year-round national testing programme to ensure that all shellfish are safe before being placed on the market for human consumption. The Institute works closely with authorities and the shellfish industry to monitor shellfish production areas to ensure that Irish shellfish are produced to the highest standards.

Explore the science behind our seafood with resources on our fish species, assessing fish stocks, aquaculture, phytoplankton and the work undertaken at the Marine Institute’s Newport Research Facility.

To find out more, dive deep into the Oceans of Learning resources available below:


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