Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean

World Oceans Day celebrates the ocean, its importance to our lives and focuses on how each of us can protect the ocean, no matter where we live. This year, the day particularly focuses on the role that innovation has in making a sustainable ocean.

Research and innovation are critical so we can better monitor, understand, protect, preserve and harness our oceans and seas. The Marine Institute supports, coordinates and promotes marine research at a national and international level. With the aim of driving innovation in the marine sector and accelerating renewable energy breakthroughs, the Marine Institute has provided funding to a number of marine enterprises in Ireland.

The Marine Institute, as well as other agencies and third level institutions in Ireland, use state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced equipment and innovative technologies, to undertake marine research. The RV Celtic Explorer and RV Celtic Voyager are important for Ireland's fisheries and oceanographic research, and seabed mapping. The Marine Institute's ROV Holland 1 has advanced our research capabilities and resulted in many exciting discoveries in our ocean. The Irish Marine Data Buoy Observation Network and Argo Float Programme are vital for improving our ocean and weather forecasting capabilities, as well as supporting climate change research. The SmartBay Observatory also collects important data about our sea using sensors, platforms and robotics.

Navigate the innovative technologies and advanced infrastructure used by the Marine Institute and partners to explore our ocean. Jump on board the virtual tour of the RV Celtic Explorer, view videos, download fact sheets and activities on our marine research vessels, the Irish Marine Data Buoy Observation Network, Argo Floats and ROV Holland 1. Dive below the ocean surface and discover what lies beneath with the SmartBay Observatory, Ireland's only underwater observatory.

To find out more, dive deep into the Oceans of Learning resources available below: