One Shared Ocean, One Shared Future

Collaboration and scientific research are now more important than ever as we continue to work together to understand and protect our ‘One Shared Ocean, One Shared Future’.

Understanding our ocean and providing the scientific advice for its sustainable use are central to the Marine Institute’s work and are key to sustainably managing our marine resource.

The Marine Institute works with government, industry and other organisations in Ireland, as well as a wide range of international partners to achieve the goals of Ireland’s marine plan – Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth. The Marine Institute has built strong partnerships with academic institutions by hosting scientists that work alongside our scientific and technical team to explore and understand our ocean.

Ireland has earned a strong reputation in Europe, and internationally for its marine research and innovation, and for driving collaboration in this area. The Marine Institute leads and participates in many national and international scientific projects which builds our ocean research capacity.

Through the INFOMAR Programme, the Marine Institute and Geological Survey Ireland are mapping Ireland’s seabed. Ireland is considered a world leader in the field of seabed mapping and by 2026, Ireland will become the first nation in the world to have comprehensively mapped its entire seabed territory.

An important element in ensuring our ocean’s health and preserving our shared future, is the role that all citizens can play in embracing the importance of the ocean in our daily lives.

To find out more, dive deep into the Oceans of Learning resources available below: