Our Ocean: Our Climate

The ocean plays a crucial role in the global climate system by absorbing excess heat from the atmosphere and absorbing 30 per cent of the carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere by human activity. Ireland’s climate is regulated by the Atlantic Gulf Stream, protecting us from climatic extremes but leaving us exposed to climate change impacts such as sea level rise, ocean acidification, extreme weather events and climate-driven changes in our marine ecosystems.

In the third episode of the Oceans of Learning podcast, presenter Finn van der Aar is joined by Samantha Hallam, an ocean and climate scientist at Maynooth University, Dr Ken Whelan, Research Director with the Atlantic Salmon Trust and Dr Triona McGrath, Research Lead at An Fóram Uisce, The Water Forum, to shed some light on the past, present and future of climate change and the effects on our oceans.

Evelyn Cusack, Head of Forecasting at Met Éireann will also share how our ocean affects our climate and weather in a video resource. On the Maritime Ireland podcast, marine journalist Tom MacSweeney speaks with Mick Gillooly, Joint Acting CEO at the Marine Institute about the Irish Marine Data Buoy Observation Network, which has provided crucial data for weather forecasting and safety at sea for the past 20 years.

Enjoy a new episode of the Sea Science Series with Mark Langtry, ‘The Science Guy’. Learn how to draw a Data Buoy, Argo Float and Satellite in the Explorers Education Programme Sea How to Draw class, or find out more about shells on our seashore in the Explorers Wild About Wildlife series

To find out more, dive deep into our Oceans of Learning resources below: