Our Ocean: Our Future

Explore Ireland’s new multipurpose marine research vessel, the RV Tom Crean.

The RV Tom Crean enables the Marine Institute to continue to lead and support vital scientific surveys that contribute to Ireland’s position as a leader in marine science.

Find out more about the vessel build, and how the RV Tom Crean will facilitate fisheries surveys, seabed mapping, deep water surveys, as well as oceanographic and environmental research.

The new vessel is named after Tom Crean, the renowned explorer who undertook three major ground breaking expeditions to the Antarctic. Discover more about Ireland’s extraordinary seaman, his tremendous courage and resilience.

Scientists of the future will be inspired by the Marine Institute’s Sea Science Series with Mark Langtry ‘The Science Guy’. Mark brings the wonders of sea science to the screen with his entertaining and educational sea science shows.

To find out more, dive deep into our Oceans of Learning resources below:


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