Our Ocean: Our Life

Oceans of Learning enables everyone to engage with our ocean from anywhere. There’s something for everyone as we explore all aspects of Ireland’s marine resource, including our rich marine biodiversity.

Marine scientist Finn van der Aar speaks to researcher and big wave surfer Dr Easkey Britton, in the first episode of the Oceans of Learning podcast. Dr Aaron Lim, Lead Data Scientist at Green Rebel Marine, Sibéal Regan of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group and Debbi Pedreschi, Post-doctoral Researcher at the Marine Institute discuss marine life on rocky seashores to the bed of the deep sea.

Learn about ocean currents with Mark Langtry, ‘The Science Guy’, in the Marine Institute’s Sea Science Series. Mark brings the wonders of sea science to the screen with his entertaining, sometimes explosive, and educational sea science shows.

View the short film Ireland’s Marine Life, a collaboration between the Irish Chamber Orchestra, Kerry based wildlife and underwater filmmaker Vincent Hyland and the Marine Institute. Ireland’s Marine Life takes a dive beneath the waves of Ireland’s wild Atlantic waves to explore the variety of sea life found in Irish waters.

To find out more, dive deep into our Oceans of Learning resources below: