Our Ocean: Our Livelihoods

With a marine territory ten times the size of its land area, Ireland’s ocean plays an important role in our economy through sectors such as fisheries, aquaculture, ports and shipping, technology, tourism and marine renewable energy. Many communities, and in particular our coastal communities, depend on our vast ocean wealth for employment, leisure and wellbeing.

In the second episode of the Oceans of Learning podcast, host Finn van der Aar speaks with a range of guests about the influence the ocean has on their work and their lives. Hear from Tahlia Britton, the first female to join the Irish Naval Service Diving Unit in 2020, and Patricia Comiskey, SEAI about Ireland’s growing marine renewable energy sector, and Tracey Ryan, herbal alchemist and Managing Director for Codex Beauty Ireland, a plant-based biotechnology company. Finn also speaks to Joe Silke, Director of Marine Environment and Food Safety Services at the Marine Institute about supporting industry through licensing, monitoring programmes and marine spatial planning.

Seaweed harvesting takes place in coastal regions around Ireland, and seaweed is used in food products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Teagasc offers online resources on seaweed aquaculture research, and Seavite shares why seaweed is an important skincare ingredient.

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