Our Ocean: Our Present

Jump aboard and explore Ireland’s marine research vessels – the RV Celtic Voyager and RV Celtic Explorer.

The RV Celtic Voyager came into service in 1997 as Ireland’s first custom-built multi-purpose research vessel. Over the last 25 years, the RV Celtic Voyager has completed more than 600 surveys! Launched in 2003, the RV Celtic Explorer operates for around 320 days a year at sea, undertaking research in Irish waters and international surveys in the Atlantic.

Surveys on Ireland’s marine research vessels have resulted in many exciting discoveries - from deep-water shark nurseries, cold-water coral reefs, to hydrothermal vents in the mid-Atlantic. Scientists are able to explore our deep sea and make these exciting discoveries, by using the Marine Institute’s Remotely Operated Vehicle, the ROV Holland 1.

The Voyages video series profiles the people whose work is intertwined with Ireland’s national research vessels. Voyages shares insights into the people behind the science of our seas – Ireland’s modern explorers on a voyage of discovery to safeguard the ocean and our future.

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